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The Core Values That Guide What We Do

Our core values are centered on JESUS, who is the head of the body and the quintessence of power, forever enthroned on the right side of the Father!

Knowledge: Promoting true and actual knowledge of God. Building up the body of Christ through accurate dissemination of the truth.

Teaching righteousness: We believe that righteousness is imputed through the blood of Jesus and not earned. Therefore we owe our allegiance to Him who paid the price for our ultimate deliverance.

Faith: We believe the just shall live by faith. Faith in the divine promise is pivotal to manifestations in our lives. His word is the source of this promise and with Him on our side we can achieve what otherwise seems impossible.

Commitment: We are committed to winning souls for the kingdom of God and sharing the love of Jesus to the world.

Holiness: We believe in the authority of the Word of God as the only compass to navigate through this world without blemish and prepared to meet our King in His glory and majesty.

Honesty: We believe in honesty and transparency in our relationships. Our fellowship is first with the Lord and with fellow believers.

 Excellence: We recognize and cherish excellence in all areas of our worship by our strong commitment to quality in whatever we do.

Discipline: We believe that to fulfill God’s vision, there needs to be order and submission. Each person is held accountable and expected to submit to the vision and rules of the house.

People: We are a loving congregation passionate about people. After God, people come next and we enjoy serving people in the best way we can.