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Our music ministry is evolving into a phenomenal group that creates an atmosphere for the presence of God to move. To us, the Presence of God is everything and music is an integral part of our worship. The Music Ministry also promotes the development of individuals who enjoy using their gifts and talent to His glory. Your musical preference is well accommodated as the Choir is multidimensional in their choice of songs which could be traditional, contemporary, hymns, anthems, and various spirituals.

Thank you for stopping by the Children’s Ministry. Children at WordHouse find the children church as a home away from home. They are excited every week to come and worship the Lord in their own way as children.

We have a vibrant children department where your children can be fed the appropriate word for their spiritual development. Our children are happy, loving and excellent children.

The goal of our children church is to create an environment of fun, praise and power. Children are very important to us as a church because we diligently observe and tap into their potentials and motivate them to love God and His ways.

A ministry for children ages (3-11) carefully designed to disciple children through a curriculum that develops character, respect and integrity. It is also the goal of the ministry to lead the children to know and accept Jesus Christ by teaching and training them by exposing them to the Bible, the foundation of biblical truths.

We welcome your children every Sunday for a time of real fun and fellowship.

The Bible is a divine manual for believers in every age to provide direction and reveal the mind of God on every issue of life.

Our goal is that everyone associated with this ministry would have ‘their steps ordered in His word daily’. As we engage ourselves in the teaching of the Word of Life, men and women are brought out of darkness, bondage, and ignorance, into the transforming knowledge of Christ.

In this section, you will find audio and video messages that will transform your life as you listen. Our prayer is that the Lord will bless and empower you as you listen to His word.

At the summit, we examine the keys to successful relationship and marriages. We also bring in resource persons to interact practically with attendees on various challenges we face in marriages. Incorporated into this is the Singles summit.

We have mandate from the Lord to exalt the Lord’s name and promote the integrity of God’s word among believers. Our passion is to provide accurate, scriptural truth by maturing believers to no longer be children, tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine but rather build strong stability in their walk with the Lord. Believer’s conference is an annual gathering of believers from all walks of life to come apart and be reignited by the fire of the Holy Spirit to take territories and exert kingdom dominion. The goal of the conference is to reestablish the kingdom principles and values through teachings and seminars. It is also a rendezvous for spiritual restoration, renewal and rejuvenation.

We need to begin to build body of believers that are mega-believers, world changers, trailblazers, pacesetters, territory-takers and spiritual legislators who have been delivered from the pollution and corruption of our world.

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