We Are a Community of Faith, Hope, and Love …

You are welcome to WordHouse Christian Center. We are a bible-based congregation and a home for families and individuals looking for love and spiritual rejuvenation. We are big enough to accommodate you and small enough to care for you. We look up for divine help; we look around to help one another and we look inward to draw strength. Join us and you will never be the same.

As a Church, we are committed to fulfilling great commission through outreaches, missions and personal evangelism. In addition, we are a discipleship-conscious congregation where new believers can be instructed and trained on a new life in Christ.

We are a multicultural, multiracial congregation having the love of God as the focal point of our relationships. Anyone and everyone would find our gathering very warm and conducive for all people.

WordHouse is organized as a place to honor, promote and advance the kingdom of God through the teaching of the WORD of God and its integrity. Our core values are rooted in the kingdom values as expressed in God’s word to provide anchor in a troubled world.

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The love of God is the focal point of our relationships.

We are multicultural, family oriented church that preaches the undiluted truth of the Word of God. We are located at Cherry Hill in New Jersey.

As members of one Body, Christ Himself as our Head, we serve and minister to one another in love and respect and promote the dignity of everyone. The mission of WordHouse Christian Center is to worship God and spread His word to the community and the world.

We are called and sent to serve the Lord by encouraging spiritual growth in our church family through teachings, retreats, conferences and regular fellowship. Members of the church are encouraged to share their gifts and talents with the entire church family and to minister to one another as they are opportune to. Some of the opportunities for ministry are Praise Team, Ushering, Evangelism, Welfare, Prayer Squad, Technical dept. and Publications.

We are located in a place that is suitable for your children and where they would grow in the grace and the knowledge of God with appropriate program of instruction. Our children do participate in social and spiritual activities.

Our Mission

WCC is committed to taking the gospel to communities/nations of the world to advance the course of the Kingdom by setting the captives free and bringing them back to God.

Our Beliefs

We strongly believe in the demonstration of the power of God in setting the oppressed free and equipping men to fulfill their destinies in God.

Our Values

Our core values are centered on seen JESUS, who is the head of the body and the quintessence of power, forever enthroned on the right side of the Father!